Andres Carvallo cropped.jpegAndres Carvallo, often referred to as the Godfather of the smart grid, will be visiting New Zealand in May. He will be here to deliver the keynote address at the Energy Management Association (EMANZ) conference in Wellington. Andres is the author of “The Advanced Smart Grid” and is widely recognised as one of the early developers of the smart grid concept.

Andres is the founder and CEO of CMG, a consultancy specialising in smart grids, IoT, telecommunications and software focusing on the energy sector, is founder and CEO of Westlake Energy, a specialist solutions provider in distributed generation and microgrids, and is on the Board of the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel. His knowledge and experience of smart grids extends back to 2003 when he was developing projects for Austin Energy and he is a multiple award winner in the sector.

Mike Hopkins, CEO of EMANZ said: “It’s a real coup for us to attract someone of the calibre of Andres to address our conference. In this case, it’s literally true to say he wrote the book on the smart grid and the insight he can deliver will be invaluable to our members and guests at this year’s conference. 

The implications of smart grid technology are critical for everyone in the electricity industry, from generators, through distributors and retailers and all the way down to customers. Everyone in that chain will be impacted by smart grid developments and needs to hear what Andres will have to say about the future of grid systems and other disruptive innovations in the energy sector.”