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If you have an idea for a webinar presentation related to energy management and energy efficiency in the commercial or industrial setting, please get in touch with the EMANZ office at admin@emanz.org.nz

Previous Webinars

The following is a list of webinars that we have held, along with a link to the presentation and recording.

EMANZ Webinar Series

2 |  What you Need to Know Now about Business and Carbon

Join Robert Tromop and Norman Smith to learn how New Zealand’s leading businesses are getting to grips with the new carbon conscious business environment and what you need to know now to operate successfully in it. Originally delivered 13 August 2018.  

Click here to view the webinar >>

What you need to know now about Business and Carbon presentation pdf

1 | Innovations in Thermal Solar (16 Jul 2018)
EMANZ’s new, free webinar series kicked off with a presentation and Q&A from Apricus Managing Director, Marcus Baker, on the principles and applications of its patented evacuated tube solar energy collectors which have widespread commercial applications. Click here to view and listen to webinar >>

Innovations in Thermal Solar presentation pdf


Introduction to Commercial Skills (20 Nov 2017)
Presented by Maurice Batey of the CEO Group this webinar will explore opportunities for developing commercial skills in your organisation and outline how the EMANZ Commercial Skills Development programme can help.  Click here to view and listen to webinar >>

Click this link for course details www.emanz.org.nz/commercial-skills-development     


Energy Efficiency Insurance (28 Oct 2015)
Steve Walsham - Executive Broker, Crombie Lockwood presents this webinar on Energy Efficiency Insurance that is available to ESCOs delivering energy efficiency contracts in New Zealand. Click here to view and listen to webinar >>

Energy Efficiency Insurance Presentation (PDF)


EECA/EMANZ Making Energy Savings Count
Industrial Online Webinars

1 | Energy Savings in Production (21 May 2014)
This Online Webinar provides key information on how to identify and make energy savings in a production or processing facility at an industrial site. Click here to view and listen to webinar  >>

Energy Savings in Production Presentation (PDF)

2 | Getting Your Business Case Across the Line (4 Jun 2014)

This Online Webinar provides key information on developing a business case for energy efficiency improvements in an industrial manufactiring or processing site.  Click here to vew and listen to webinar >>

Business Case Presentation (PDF)


KNX - Worldwide Standard For Home and Building Controls (18 Oct 2013)
Joost Demarest, System and Administration Director of the KNX Association in Brussells, Belgium, presents on KNX, outlining its history, advantages & benefits and why it is a truly open standard. Joost goes on to explain why KNX is the right solution for making buildings safer, more energy efficient and more convenient.

Ulrich Frerk, the Chairman of KNX NZ, finishes with a discussion on what is happening with KNX  to support the building controls industry in NZ. Click here to view and listen to Webinar >>


Measurement & Verification & CMVP (23 Aug 2013)
Steve Kromer (EVO Trainer) presents what CMVP is all about, why it’s important, and how energy managers and energy service providers can use the knowledge to best effect.  Click here to view and listen to Webinar >>