YHI (New Zealand) Ltd Power Systems offers experienced engineering advice and solutions for battery, UPS, power conditioning, solar installations, electric vehicle charging, energy management and associated maintenance and service.

YHI supplies a wide range of VRLA, Lithium Ion and wet cell battery types and battery systems suitable for industrial, solar, motive, UPS, telecoms, power utility, and security applications.

We also supply UPS’s to protect all electrical equipment with systems suitable for small home office, enterprise server rooms, industrial plant and controls and fully redundant and fault tolerant data centre environments.

YHI manufactures, tests, supplies and commissions complete DC System Solutions to customer specifications utilizing Benning or Eaton DC equipment (Rectifiers, Inverters, DC-DC Converters).

YHI offers an extensive range of quality leading brands of equipment, including Eaton Power Quality, Delta Power Quality, Delta Solar and Delta EV charging, C&D Battery, Vision Battery, Crown Battery, Enphase, Renesola, SMA and Neuton Power.

Our focus is providing reliable and cost effective equipment from top tier suppliers. 


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