Fasten is here to contribute towards zero carbon emissions.

We are committed to informing, defining and delivering opportunities, services and outcomes that propel us towards harnessing New Zealand's renewable energy resources sustainability, and reducing our carbon footprint.


The rapid deployment of renewable energy technologies and infrastructure worldwide is resulting in significant energy security, climate change mitigation, and economic benefits.

New Zealand, while it has the natural resources and environmental conditions to deliver sustainable renewable energy, is lagging behind other countries due to availability of established expertise, affordable technologies, and supply chain resources that are scaleable to demand.

Fasten understands this and sees its first task as helping create a clear picture and context for Government, Corporations, Businesses, and ultimately Consumers around the facts, options, and affordable alternatives to fossil or unsustainable energy generation practices.

Fasten is currently conducting independent research to clearly identify and report on the current levels of understanding, awareness and commitment in New Zealand moving towards its zero carbon policy as well as preserving our clear green brand through renewable energy resourcing. 


Fasten has international experience and access to a wide range of renewable energy technologies and brings this to the table throughout its consultation process. Utilising this experience and knowledge allows Fasten to identify and define 'real needs' verses subjective goals.

By collectively exploring and working towards this 'real need' as a team, rather than a supplier, Fasten can establish a 'best-fit-solution' that harnesses, national, environmental, and regional conditions and compliments them with the best energy technology, products and support services available worldwide.

Fasten is not a 'find and fix it' culture. In it for the long game, not sort term gain, they provide the complete interface from advise, support, design, specification, financing and implementation to installation, training and service.


While Fasten is a New Zealand company, its international connections and credentials are impressive. With the ability to source and procure leading energy brands, technology, products, and support Fasten offers the complete picture for New Zealand's quest to free itself from relying on unsustainable practices and outcomes.
Fasten is supported by an established logistics network that is already operating worldwide. Their mandate is direct-from-source with products and technologies being landed in New Zealand and avoiding additional shipping, handling and energy consumption while deliver price-point advantages not commonly seen in New Zealand. 


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