Enviro-Mark Solutions offer simple and effective solutions for environmental credibility. We add value to businesses of all sizes by enabling them to accurately measure, manage, and minimise environmental impacts. Our members leverage the commercial advantage of environmental responsibility, backed by the assurance of ISO certification and international best practice.

  • 300+ clients
  • 17 countries
  • 2500+ certificates issued
  • 182.8+ million tonnes CO2e verified footprints
  • 631,800+ tonnes CO2e offset by our clients

Enviro-Mark Solutions is the leading provider of environmental certification in New Zealand. Since 2001, its programmes have ensured that New Zealand companies are benefiting from international best practice, applied science, and effective tools. Enviro-Mark Solutions is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Landcare Research, a Government-owned Crown Research Institute. Though developed for New Zealand business needs, Enviro-Mark Solutions’ offerings currently serve over 300 clients worldwide.

Our CEMARS, carboNZero, Enviro-Mark and Energy-Mark certifications meet and exceed the requirements of ISO standards and ensure consistent and comprehensive reporting, benchmarking and management under international best practice. In addition to certification of carbon reduction and neutrality, environmental management systems and energy management systems, we offer product life cycle assessments and custom tools and calculators.

See www.emanz.org.nz/energy-specialists for Energy-Mark Certification case studies.


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