Assist Energy Ltd is a new branch of the Assist Group which also includes Automation & AV and Electrical divisions.

Assist Energy Ltd uses data from audits and energy monitoring to identify and measure areas of inefficient energy use and works with clients to install and manage solutions. By assisting clients with the design, development and implementation of a sustainable energy management plan, we provide detailed information on their energy spend. This data then allows informed decisions to be made around energy use and savings from improved equipment, businesses production, staff engagement and sustainable energy practices.  Our professional guidance and support is available from the initial audit and monitoring services through to installation of energy efficient solutions.

We offer a ‘one stop shop’ with the ability to appraise the energy efficiency of a facility, install solutions and save clients money.


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Automated Demand Control Systems
Commercial Building Energy Services
Energy Audits
Energy Management Information Systems
Energy Project Risk Sharing
Facilities Management
Heating & Cooling Systems
Industrial Energy Services
Solar Electricity
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Corporate Members