Company: NZ Energy Systems Ltd

Address: 3/175 Roydale Avenue,Burnside, Christchurch 8053

Phone: 03 390 4164 or Mobile 021 229 7755



Area Covered: All of New Zealand

Accredited EnergyMasters Auditor
Registration Number:  AEA 01/19    Date of Initial Registration: January 2019

Accredited EnergyMasters Industrial Energy Systems Optimisation Specialist
Registration Number: IESO1012    Date of Initial Registration: 07 May 2019

Certified Measurement & Verification Professional (CMVP)
Certification Date: 
16 June 2019   Certification ID: 5963

Specialist Topic Area:  Industrial Energy Audits | Energy Management | Continuous Comissioning | Energy Systems Optimization

Areas of Expertise: Samuel is an energy management specialist from NZ Energy Systems (NZES). He holds a BEng(Hons) from the University of Canterbury. Prior to starting up NZ Energy Systems in 2014, he spent several years abroad working in the oil and gas field. Samuel is an EMANZ accredited EnergyMasters Auditor and has worked on multiple projects, with a diverse range of clients all across New Zealand.


EnergyMasters Type: 
EnergyMasters Auditor
EnergyMasters Industrial Energy Systems Optimisation Specialist