Bill Heaps, Principal, Strata Energy Consulting

Bill Heaps.pngBill has more than 30 years of experience in the electricity industry with his background spanning the electricity supply chain.  Much of Bill’s experience is in the commercial sector of the industry, with governance and senior executive roles in retail, distribution, transmission and generation.  He managed New Zealand’s largest geothermal power stations through the transition from public to private ownership, and was General Manager Commercial Services for Transpower, New Zealand’s national transmission grid owner and system operator.  Bill has held several company directorships including Orion Group one of New Zealand’s largest electricity distribution companies.

When he first came to New Zealand, Bill quickly became involved in New Zealand’s retail electricity sector, as general manager of one of the first competitive national electricity retailers.  Bill then moved into the electricity generation sector, managing the Wairakei and Ohaaki geothermal power stations.  This was followed by several years as a general manager at New Zealand’s national grid company.

Since the early 2000s, Bill has provided advice to industry participants in a number of areas, including connection of wind generation to the national transmission grid, energy and transmission price forecasts, transmission grid upgrade proposals, transmission contracts, distributed generation, and asset management integration.  Bill has advised government agencies and regulators on wholesale electricity market design and operational issues, the development of model use for system agreements and model retail contracts, the development of ancillary services arrangements, rules for transmission interconnection and for transmission investment.  He has also undertaken leadership roles for industry coordination during heightened supply security risk periods, and has presented papers at international conferences and forums on commercial issues for transmission, smart grids, distributed generation and energy utilisation.

Amongst other things, Bill has recently advised regulators, major electricity consumers and electricity companies on issues relating to transmission pricing, network access, security of supply arrangements and general electricity market issues.  He has also undertaken technical reviews and performance assessments of the transmission grid and distribution line companies for New Zealand and Australian regulators.

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