EMANZ supports its members through a range of activities that raise skills, knowledge and all-round competence in energy management.

EnergyMasters is EMANZ's brand that recognizes individuals who have met competency standards set by their peers in the relevant field of expertise.

EMANZ was formed in 1993, is an Incorporated Society and is a “Collaborating Technical Society of the Engineering New Zealand (Formerly known as Institute of Professional Engineers New Zealand [IPENZ])".


  • To promote the highest standards of energy management skills and competence
  • To foster and facilitate the integration of sound energy management practices into all sectors of the New Zealand economy.
  • To provide a forum for the discussion of energy management issues, skills and techniques
  • To develop practical energy management policy proposals and represent these where appropriate.


  • Administer EMANZ's flagship competency-based EnergyMasters Accreditation programme
  • Provide training courses and facilitate professional development for those with an interest in energy management
  • Arrange events, workshops, conferences and forums to bring people together to learn about and innovate in the field of energy management
  • Represent its members to Government and other parties that influence the ability for energy management to flourish
  • Provide a focal point for energy management services and products.

Energy Management Association of New Zealand | What we do flyer (pdf 577KB)