What is Energy Management

Energy Management encompasses a wide range of activities and expertise in the optimal use of energy. This includes:

  • Energy measurement and control
  • The development of management strategies, programmes and plans
  • The expert implementation of techniques, technology and tools to improve the efficiency, productivity and sustainable use of energy.

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May 09 - 10 2019
EMANZ Conference 2019


Membership to EMANZ is open to anyone interested in energy management, the efficient use of energy and the reduction of energy and carbon emissions.

Click here to learn more about becoming an EMANZ member and apply online.

Current members are a diverse range of energy consultants, energy managers in the private and public sectors, engineers, energy auditors, equipment suppliers and energy technology specialists and service providers.

Case studies from the field
See the collection of case studies from the field highlighting EnergyMasters and EMANZ members' work.